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You’ve probably seen this character on a blog site or magazine somewhere. It goes by the name of Andre J.  Momas, don’t let your boys play with barbie dolls….that’s all I gotta say. There’s some people that really digg this fool. The word is that he’s a stylist, promoter or something like that. These pics are from the Designers for Darfur, Limited Edition T-Shirt Series launch party at Gin Lane, NYC.

Why did they cut this out???

Knocked up was a hilarious movie. Have y’all seen it? Well, I came across this deleted scene and I couldn’t understand why they would cut this out! Go ahead and check it out yourselves by clicking here.

Joe Piscipo John Davidson
Prince Smokey Robinson

This is F@#kin hilarious! Now I know that I’m not the only one who saw that picture of Smokey Robinson in the Jet and thought “Somethin’ just aint right about that dude!” Don’t get me wrong, Smokey is a great, but that hair is retarded. Check this site out, I swear one of the dudes on there looks like Sally Jesse Raphael’s sister. CLICK HERE for the site.