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BIG Tymers

What’s bigger than Faizon Love’s belly? Morris Chestnut’s head!!! What’s bigger than Morris Chestnut’s head? Dominique Wilkins!! Of course this image is a little photoshoped, but you gotta admit, it’s not too far from reality. These 3 fools were trying to have a good time at the Hawks vs. Timberwolves game. They don’t look too excited about taking a picture!

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  • Yo mama named you what?

    Internationally known minister Creflo Dollar announced on Monday that he is proposing that the United States government put his picture on the front of a new Dollar bill.

    “It’s only fitting” stated Dollar. “Who else would be better to put on a dollar except the main Dollar himself?”


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  • All the celebs were out to get a free shirt at the Ed Hardy Store Opening at the Beverly Center in LA.  Ed Hardy is on course to be the next big “it” gear for all the rappers. Check out the gallery. (more…)

    Check out pics from Brandy’s Brother, um… Ray J’s CD Release Party. Isn’t this a bootleg DJ Kay Slay Mix CD? Who has a release party for an underground CD? Doesn’t that kinda defeat the purpose of having an “underground CD?” (more…)