[youtube TjNNxnKVEpQ]
Ha, Ha, yeah that’s funny. But you know, I wasn’t really trippin off the fact that there’s a bunch of UC “white/asian” Berkeley students singing the immortal words of Snoop & Dre (when’s the last time you actually said “Snoop & Dre?”) – the funny thing is that these kids were smart enough to know that it’s ok to sing the ultra misogynistic explicative lyrics of “Bitches aint shit but ho’s and tricks” for YouTube American, but if they sang the “real” version – with the “N” word – somebody might put this clip on the news as the “Controversial/Race Story of the Evening” – you notice there’s no brotha’s in the choir… You think they had a vote on it? Notice the chick gets off-beat every time she has to replace the “n” word with brotha!