You need haters!
I was listening to T-Pain one day, which could have been almost any day because the damn radio plays f@#kin’ T-Pain all damn day….and I noticed that he has to send a shot out to “the Haters” in almost every song. Even when he guest spots in everybody else’s song, he wants to talk about the haters. I was like, “who are all these Haters, hatin’ on T-Pain?” Then I thought….he must be talking about me! I’ll admit, the first hundred times I heard the likes of “Bartender”, “Love with a Stripper”, and “Kiss Kiss,” I was groovin’ like everybody else. Then when that shit got played out….I just wanted the Bartender
to give him a damn “drank”, the stripper give him a lap dance and Chris Brown to kiss-kiss his ass – just to make him shut the f@#k up! He looks like a raccoon, all the songs sound the same, he calls himself Teddy Pen-her-ass-down and he stole Roger’s Voice Box. Yeah, I’ll catch myself dancing to the stupid shit in the club, but I’m still a hater! But, it’s ok to be a hater…. so don’t I don’t feel the least bit bad about it. The world needs haters!

But really, this blog is just a way to vent and hate on fools freely. I know that T-Pain ain’t loosing no money because I want to hate on him. When I check out YouTube, it seems like there’s about 5% creative material and 95% food for haters. Sometimes the comments from the haters are better than the f@#kin videos! Honestly, the haters of the world need to come out the closet! If a man can openly admit that he likes to “What, What in the But!” then being hater doesn’t seem like much of a big deal at all! Besides, some of these fools need to be hated on. Either way it goes, enjoy this blog. Don’t hate me because I’m a hater….bitch!

[youtube Sp7NiPOcGbs]